Acne is a very common inflammatory eruption, identified by pimples on face, chest and back. Our body secrets oils, the excessive oils results in clogging of the facial pores. These blocked pores when get exposed to the pollution in the environment, form black heads in the skin. If these black heads are not taken care of, they get infected by bacteria resulting in formation of Acne.

At ALPS, we know beauty is skin deep, & we care. So we offer you, Our Techniques to fight Acne involving:

The Ozone Treatment

It is anti- bacterial and therefore ozone helps in curing the infection

The Ultra sonic treatment

In this form of treatment, the sound waves penetrate the skin and transports the product to the targeted cells.

The Laser Treatment

Laser has anti- microbial properties and thus heals the acne by regenerating the cells.

Our home care products


Mild face wash for an effective cleansing of oily and acne prone skin.


After washing the face with Vanya Mint Face Wash followed by the application of DS clarity Mask, the acne containing puss, dries out gradually without leaving a scar.

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