The harmful sun rays, pollution, bad lifestyle etc. damages your skin thus triggering early wrinkling and worse, darkens your complexion. But we at ALPS believe that a crystal clear skin is every woman’s birthright so therefore we vow to improve your complexion upto 40%!

The treatment involves:

Skin Polishing

Skin polishing brings an instant glow by revealing the young skin underneath. It removes the tanning as well.

AHA with young skin mask

This mask is in the form of sheet, which contains 95% collagen and is applied in a wet form. Collagen gets absorbed by the skin and also the application of AHA rejuvenates the skin cell. Together these whitens the skin

Gold facial

It activates the lymph, improves blood and revitalizes the skin.

Silver facial

This form of facial brings an instant glow.

Pearl facial

This facial works wonder on the most sensitive skins.

Fruit facial

This facial is purely herbal and revitalizes the skin.

Home Care Products

Beauty grains+ Turmeric cream + Vitamin C toner
AHA cream/ serum
Marrow pack
Saffron pack
Saffron toner
Ultra Guard

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