Permanent Make-up:

Your look is your very first dialogue from your personality. And every conservation you engage in, deserves a nice opening. With looks that appeal to all five senses. So go ahead and underline all your expressions.

These are hectic times and we are living at a Fast Forward pace. In such tight schedules, who has time to spend long hours in front of the mirror for that desired look. And frankly speaking, not all have that touch and expertise it takes for that make-up on daily basis. This is where our Permanent Beauty Solutions come in to your rescue.

Permanent Cosmetic Make-up is the latest concept gaining high popularity among the upwardly mobile women like yourself. It is a highly effective technique that takes care of all your special beauty requirements, that too in a highly economical manner.

Have you ever longed for those beautifully shaped eyebrows at all times? And what about those eyesore of ugly gaps or cuts between your eyebrows. All these can be fixed with magic of Permanent Cosmetic Make-up.

Then again if you want to have beauty spots to accentuate your appearance and look more sensuous, this is the solution you should ask for.

There are so many of us who hate their lips for being too thin. With Permanent Beauty Solutions, you can have more attractive lip liner or full lip colouring. Rest assured our experts take every smallest care to offer you a solution to your satisfaction, with no side effects whatsoever.

Alps Beauty Clinic offers a host of Permanent Beauty Solutions for:

Permenent Eyebrow Enhancement
Permanent Eyeliner and Kaajal
Permanent Lip Lines and Lipstick
Permanent Beauty Spot
Permanent Colouring of Leucoderma Patches

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