Scars are the dead tissues of the skin that form on the normal healthy skin, generally due to an injury, accident, disease or surgery. People delve for scar treatment as a procedure to remove the ghastly scars in conjunction with an overall program of skin rejuvenation. At ALPS, we treat all types of scars non- surgically!

We refer our clients to the eminent doctors of ALPS, who counsel them by describing the procedure and also guiding them about the results that the client wants to accomplish.

Our Reliable Techniques include:

The Herbal Peel method

This method peels off the scarred skin using herbal products.

Dermabration Method

It’s a hi-tech method in which the top most layer of skin is abrased to bring out the new skin.

Laser technology.

It improves the blood circulation of the particular area where it is given, thereby increasing the oxygenation and stimulates cell regeneration process at the germinative layer of the epidermis.

Induction of Collagen by Ultra sonic Machines

In the ultra sonic treatment, the sound waves penetrate the skin and the treatment product applied reaches the targeted cells to induce collagen.

Application of Young Skin Mask

This mask is in the form of sheet, which contains 95% collagen and is applied in a wet form. Collagen gets absorbed by the skin and regenerates the skin cells thereby reducing the scars.

Chemical Peeling Technique

Removes the scarred skin with the help of chemicals.

The AHA Technique

Alpha Hydroxy Acid helps to bring about elasticity and thus accelerate the healing process.

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