Just like your body & soul, Your skin needs care too. Now give it what it deserves with Alps’s aromatherapy facial. This 1 hour pampering will awaken all your senses. The oils used in this therapy are extracted from exotic botanical species. They have potent curative and permeating ability, their small molecular structure allows them to penetrate deep into skin cells and their healing & soothing properties expedite skin rejuvenation process.

The Refreshing aroma of these oils when inhaled works positively on emotions and causes a physical and psychological response like relieving stress, overcoming depression, energizing & enhancing mood etc.

The massage starts with semi dry scrubbing by using fruit and vegetable peels which removes dead skin cells and therefore helps in exfoliation. Followed by massaging the front and the back. The facial massage itself takes about 15 min., thus improving the texture of your skin.

Aroma pack relax the skin and make it shine like never before, leaving you vivacious & vibrant as ever

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