Are those Stretch Marks stopping you from wearing your favourite dress? Well its time to kick the inhibitions far away!

Stretch marks appear due to over stretching of the skin over the sub cutaneous fat. As a result the elastin fibres get broken & appear as pinkish or white stretch. They are commonly seen in the areas like abdomen, breasts, arms, buttocks and inner thighs. This situation appears generally in the following conditions:

Sudden loss of weight
Vigorous exercise routines

The treatment involves:


Application of Alpha Hydroxy Acid removes the dead and worn out cells thereby lightening the stretch marks.


It improves the blood circulation of the affected area, thereby increasing the oxygenation and stimulating cell regeneration process at the germinative layer of the epidermis, stretch marks gets removed gradually with each sitting.

Young skin mask

This mask is in the form of sheet, which contains 95% collagen and is applied in a wet form. Collagen gets absorbed by the skin and reduces the stretch marks.

Micro dermabrasion

It’s a hi-tech method in which the top most layer of skin is abrased to bring out the new skin.

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