Do your eyes reveal the disturbed state of your mind, or those sleepless nights, or your poor lifestyle?? Well stop punishing your beautiful delicate eyes. Give them the care they deserve. We the saviours and healers of your skin offer you the treatment of under eye dark circles by a yellow laser called bioptron, the only laser safe for the eyes that can be given directly on the naked eyes. To prevent it from recurring, you will be counselled by our experts.

Our Cosmetic Treatment involves:

Bioptron (yellow laser)

It is used in the sensitive areas like around the eyes. It improvises the blood circulation.


Alpha Hydroxy Acid removes the darkness under the eyes.

Young skin Mask

This mask is in the form of sheet, which contains 95% collagen and is applied in a wet form. Collagen gets absorbed by the skin and regenerates the skin cells thereby reduces the darkness under the eyes.

Home care Products

AHA cream/ AHA serum
Under eye cream
Under eye pack

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