For girls, Waxing has always been a NECESSARY EVIL. We at ALPS donít like the wails and cries of our customers so we discovered our ways to lessen the pain and came out with various hair removal techniques.


We know you are drooling over the name. Yes! We at Alps use chocolate in wax which leaves your skin soft and supple and Fragrance that will make you fall in love with yourself and all this without any pain. And to experience this exotic method of hair removal, we know you wonít mind shedding some extra bucks!


It is a wax with jajoba oil used to remove facial hair. Red wax is a blessing for all those people who donít prefer bleaching because of their sensitive skin or who want hair free face. It leaves no rashes. The best thing about this type of wax is that unlike bleaching, it completely uproots the hair from the skin instead of lightening them. Its Regular usage leads to low facial hair growth.


The normal wax, not just takes care of the unwanted hair, but also the tanning caused by Sunís harmful UV rays, hence making your skin soft, smooth and fairer.

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