Wrinkles are mostly associated with aging. As we age, the cells of our skin compress and loose elasticity & grip because of the reduced levels of collagen production in our body (collagen is the main structural protein found in the connective tissue). The skin cells divide more slowly, thus impeding the process of repair and renewal of skin. Moreover as we age, the fat cells present in the layer below the surface of the skin shrink and thus loosen their ability to fill the gaps created by the contraction of the cells. So the skin sags, becomes dry and develops wrinkles.

Blame the Sun:

Wrinkles also develop due to over exposure to sunlight, with minimal or absolute zero protection, making the skin fall prey to the Harmful UV rays. ALPS offers you unbelievably effective aging solutions, so that you can make those wrinkles, the things of the past. ALPS offers you astonishing aging solutions, so that you can make those wrinkles, the things of the past.

The laser technology

It improves the blood circulation of the wrinkled area where it is given, thereby increasing the oxygenation and stimulates cell regeneration process at the germinative layer of the epidermis.

Dermabration Method

It’s a hi-tech method in which the top most layer of skin is abrased to bring out the new young looking skin.

Application of Young skin mask

This mask is in the form of sheet, which contains 95% collagen and is applied in a wet form. Collagen gets absorbed by the skin and regenerates the skin cells thereby reducing the wrinkles.

Photo Facial

Using a photo facial machine, it act as an anti- aging.

AHA facials

Alpha hydroxi acids are the fruit extracts that remove the dead and worn out cells.

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